Standards International

A nimble standards-design consultancy with offices in Los Angeles and Seattle

The Standards Bearer

Standards International provides end-to-end professionalization and standards-development services. We’re passionate believers in the ability for well-organized rules and certifications to change the world.

Rethinking Professionalization

We are the leading firm in the emerging field of professionalization sciences, the delicate craft of constructing and refurbishing professional fields.

Who we are

Standards International's global managing partners are pioneers in the professionalization sciences, with specialties ranging from scientific disciplines like artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience to hobbyist domains like prestidigitation and sporting events.

What we do

Our agency develops and incubates the adoption of certifications in a variety of fields, from emerging technologies to sports and recreational activities. Our services include:

Credentialing system design

From the ground up, we scope, design, and legitimize new standardization regimes for emerging and established fields.

Field popularization

We popularize emerging disciplines and collaboratively design new professional fields from scratch.

Conference and journal management

Our experts assemble the machinery of scholarship, allowing researchers and other professionals to focus on their work.

Interdisciplinary program brokering

We advise and facilitate joint collaborative initiatives across disciplines with a holistic, end-to-end approach.

Expert procurement

Using our credentialing systems, we ensure the provision of appropriate technical expertise to meet clients' diverse needs.


Our standardization experts assess and confirm whether other credentialing and accreditation systems are fit to the task.

Get in touch

We leverage the latest tools of the professionalization sciences to assist clients who are seeking to architect a new professional field or renovate an existing one. Corporate and individual clients interested in these services should contact us at Other questions? Contact our offices via the form below.